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Healthcare & Nutrition

Tell us about your concern and get personalized Live consultation

Experience Live consultation by our experts with video/audio connectivity and real-time screenings.

Connect with a Medical Professional:

Instantly connect with our medical professionals for common medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries, and get preventative care and health education.

Consult with Dr.Smrity Maskey

Gynecologist Consultation:
Dr. Smrity Makey is a gynecologist specialized in women’s reproductive health. Consult our Gynecologist for issues like period irregularities, menopausal symptoms, pregnancy issues, or infertility and get prescribed for necessary medications alongside advice for long-term treatments & screenings.

Prenatal Consultation for pregnancy:
As pregnancy progresses, the body begins to undergo a host of physical changes as a way to accommodate the growing baby. More specifically, as the uterus grows, a woman’s center of gravity begins to shift. Further, the pelvic floor takes on additional stress as the baby’s weight increases, and joints begin to loosen in response to hormones. All of these physiological changes make good posture, cardiovascular health, and strength crucial to a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

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Looking for a personal dietician,

Meet our wellness coach Naviya Kafle


She has been doing and designing high-intensity workouts for over 7 years, learning yoga for the past 3 years, and has been a food, health and nutrition enthusiast all her life.

She offers nutrition guides compatible with Nepali food and mindfulness exercises.

Nutrition program:

  • This program is intended to improve your overall health, not just for you to lose weight.
  • You are guided by a health coach who is mindful of your life situations and limitations.
  • You will NOT be calorie counting. We want to help you lose weight by cutting out foods in your diet that are not serving you well and replace them with healthier alternatives. We do not believe in starving to lose weight.
  • We help you feel better the smart way by putting effort into eating nutrient-dense healthy foods, not the hard way by staying hungry.
  • We want to make sure your transformation is sustainable. Even after the program is over, we want to help you stick to the lifestyle that you have created for yourself in a month.
  • And lastly, we want to make sure you are ready to COMMIT to this! This will take some amount of discipline but we know that you can do it! We are so excited to help you become a better version of yourself.


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